AQUACIDE® Applications

The AQUACIDE® Environmental Weed Control System can control vegetation growth in many areas. Here are just a few examples:

ü Agriculture applications

ü Parks

ü Line-marking of playing fields

ü Golf courses

ü Playgrounds

ü Public areas

ü Food preparation areas

ü Waterways

ü Healthcare facilities

ü Roadways and shoulders

ü Between asphalt and curbs

ü Around utility connections, substations

ü Shrub beds

ü Around woody plants and trees (eliminates the need for trimming)

ü Traffic Islands, between asphalt and concrete

ü Roadway shoulders

ü Expansion joints / control joints

ü Edging

ü Around Buildings

ü Interlocking stone

ü Open turf; use to spot eradicate.

and many, many more...