There are numerous short and long-term problems associated with the use of chemical vegetation control. The long-term effects of inhaling chemical spray mix or absorbing it through the skin are still being researched. In the past serious health problems have been linked to harmful chemicals used in weed control systems. Over time and exposure vegetation develops a resistance to chemicals so that eventually these chemicals are ineffective. Stronger chemicals are required to do the same job, and the destruction of the environment escalates.

The Aquacide is a safe and environmentally responsible alternative to chemical pesticides

ü   Uses only water to kill vegetation

ü   Completely safe, no special clothing required

ü   Safe to wildlife; can be used near bodies of water

ü   No licensing or permitting required

ü    Application unaffected by weather (Increased productivity)

ü    Easy to operate; One man operation

ü    Instant weed kill.

ü    No harmful drift

ü    No groundwater contamination

ü    Need to re-sod or re-seed? Can be done immediately following treatment

ü    Elimination of the hazards and costs associated with handling, transporting and storing chemicals

ü   Portable and compact. Can be mounted on existing equipment.

ü   Available in range of size options.